I didn't make the sports team I wanted to be on

This is always an upsetting, frustrating situation. However, remember that there is time to improve and make the team you want to make! Use this as a motivation to work hard in practice every day, support your teammates, etc. Be happy for your teammates who did make the team you wanted to make, but realize you are also worthy of a spot on that team if you continue to work hard and show you are serious about earning a spot on that team for the next season.

I lost the game/meet for my team

Remember, YOU did not lose the game or meet for your team. Every game or meet is a team effort, and even if you were the one to miss the last shot or point, or let in the last goal, it is not all your fault. Your teammates should not be making you feel as if it is all your fault, and you should not either. If you are upset, that is okay, spend time being upset, but speak with your coach and understand what went wrong so your team can win the next game!


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