I am embarrassed about my family's financial status

I am sorry that you are feeling this way. If you are feeling embarrassed because your friends have made comments relating to your financial status, then those might not be the right friends for you as you deserve friends who love and respect you. If you are embarrassed because you feel as if your financial status is lower than those around you but no one has actually said anything to you, try to remember that your parents are working their hardest for you and those around you are likely not paying as much attention to you, in terms of your financial status, as you may think. Do not compare yourself to other financial statues around you, and try to be grateful for all that you do have in life!

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Am I ready to have sex?

If you are asking yourself this question, the answer might be no. It is important that you want to have sex because YOU want to, not because you are being peer pressured or think it is what you should be doing. However, there are a lot of different actions that can qualify as “sex.” If you are just thinking that sex is only the insertion of a penis into a vagina, then you likely should do some more research. Read this article to learn a little more about sex and what to expect, and take some time to think about what you would like your first time engaging in a sexual activity to be like.

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I am struggling with my sexuality

I am sorry you are struggling. There is no rush to figure out your sexuality, so take all of the time you need to become truly comfortable with yourself. If you are struggling because you are unsure, take some time to do some research, try out different things or talk to other people. Regardless of what your friends and family say, you deserve to be happy and who you truly are.  

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I am being harassed

First of all, who is harassing you? A friend, a family member, a stranger? If a friend is harassing you, it is best to speak to a trusted adult from your school and let them know what is going on. Also, let your parents know. If a family member is harassing you, but it is not your parents, let your parents know. If it is one of your parents harassing you, find a trusted adult to speak with, like a counselor from your school. If a stranger is harassing you, speak with your parents and, depending on the severity, file a complaint at the police station. Please stay safe and reach out to 911 if you feel like you are in a real emergency.

I failed my drivers test

This happens to way more people than you think. And I get it- it’s embarrassing! Do not over think it and do not be too hard on yourself. If you took the test on your actual birthday, make sure to enjoy the rest of your special day. You will have another chance to take your drivers test. Until then, think about what went wrong during your test and continue to practice driving until your next test. A few extra weeks of not having your license will not make a difference in the long run since you will have your license for the rest of your life! And hey, now you just have more time for your friends and family to keep driving you around, which isn’t the worst thing in the world!

I am self conscious about my body

You are not alone in this, SO many people struggle with their body image! I can only imagine that the whole beauty industry would be bankrupt if we all started feeling good about the way we look! Instead of criticizing yourself, try to see yourself as others see you. When you are with a friend, are you thinking critically about their body? Probably not! We all have a body type and that won’t change, but trying thinking of all the amazing things your body does for you. Your legs allow you to walk; your eyes allow you to see; your stomach allows you to eat yummy foods, etc. If it will help you, remove any mirrors or scales so that you are not constantly speaking negatively to your body. Instead, try to speak positively. In the morning or at night, for instance, say 1 or 2 things out loud that you love about your body. And during a time when you are self conscious about your body, make an even bigger effort to treat yourself with respect and care. There are a lot of great body positivity influencers on Instagram and TikTok, so check out some of their content if you feel like that might help you! Here is an article to learn more about having a negative body image.

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Someone I love passed away

I am sorry you have to go through losing someone you love. Give yourself patience and time, and allow yourself to grieve however it feels right to you. It can be lonely when you’re at school, feeling like no one understands. Even if it’s only your pet, grief can be paralyzing. It might be helpful to talk with other people who also loved that person about different memories, or it might be helpful to keep to yourself. Keep in mind that “If it’s mentionable, it’s manageable”! So try to share your feelings. You may be surprised at how many people have felt similarly at some point. If it feels right for you, join a local support group or an online support group. Regardless, talk to a trusted adult about how you are feeling and do not keep all of your emotions bottled up inside.

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