I got a bad grade on a test

At some point or another, every student is bound to get a bad grade or a grade they are disappointed with. I remember when I got a C- on a Physics exam in high school. I was distraught, but looking back a few years later I realize how truly that one grade did not matter. Instead of being hard on yourself about the grade, identify what went wrong. Did you not study enough? Did you study the wrong way? Did you not know the material? One reason this could have happened is because you are reaching “burnout” and spreading yourself too thin. Reach out to your teacher for help and let them know you are upset with the grade and that you want to go over the test so you can work towards getting a better grade on the next test. This one test will not determine your future, and you likely will not even remember the grade in a year, so do not sweat it! Check out this article to learn more about what burnout is, and the signs and effects of burnout.

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I am failing a class

Definitely take time to speak with your guidance counselor and teacher of the class. You do not want to fail a class, so the earlier you can start to get help the better. Let your teacher know you are struggling and upset with your grade in the class, but that you want to work hard to bring your grade up. If you are motivated to get help, you are heading in the right direction. If you do not care that you are failing the class, then there might be a bigger issue at hand and you should speak with your parents and teacher. Read this article to learn more about test taking stress, and think about if that is correlated to why you might be failing your class.

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I feel invisible at school

I am sorry you are feeling this way. It might be helpful to identify why you are feeling this way. If it is because your friends are ignoring you or you do not have any friends, make an effort to meet some new people! Join a new club, sit with new people at lunch, pick a new partner in class for a group project, etc. Go to your teachers’ office hours and connect with them. If you start to put yourself out there just a little bit more each day, you are likely to meet some great people who care about you and will not make you feel invisible.


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