How do I know if I should be in therapy?

You do not need to have a reason or a problem to be in therapy. It is very proactive to be in therapy before you feel as if you need to be there. Everyone could benefit from therapy in some capacity. If you are wondering if you should even start therapy, that might be a sign that you are interested and ready to try it out. There are some different types of therapies so check out the article below to see if anything interests you.

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My parents want me to go to therapy and I do not want to go

Why is it that you do not want to go? Spend some time thinking about that and see if you can come up with any solutions. For instance, if you do not want to go because you do not think you will have anything to talk about, there will always be something to talk about! If your parents are paying for you to go to therapy or your insurance covers therapy, you are very lucky as not everyone has that opportunity. If you want some control in the process, have a conversation with your parents about whether you can pick the location, pick if you do it online vs. in person, pick the actual therapist, etc. Before you decide you do not want to go, give a few sessions a try and re-assess with your parents. Read this article to learn more about therapy and what kinds of things you can talk about.

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How do I know if my therapist is right for me?

This is the magic question! Finding a therapist is like shopping for the right pair of jeans; you might not get it right on the first try and that’s okay! It might take a couple tries to find a therapist who is right for you. Do not expect the first therapist you work with to be the one, but if they are, that is great too! Go into each session with an open mind and just think about if you are connecting with your therapist. If you feel as if you are connecting, that’s great! If not, think about what seems to be going wrong and what you would like to see in your next therapist. Styles can vary between just talking or can be more direct in nature- it’s really just your preference and many styles can be effective. And don’t worry if you feel like you’re being insulting if you don’t gel, I promise that therapists are used to it and don’t take it personally. It can be super frustrating for you (and your parents) to find the right fit for you, but try to stick with it.

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