Your Attention Plz

Jane Doe


April 13, 2024

Check out the latest tool that calculates how long you will spend on your phone for the rest of your life. This calculator is truly a wake up call when you see how many more years you will spend on your phone if you continue with your current habits. It takes into account average estimated screen time, age, gender and average estimated sleep time. It’s not too late to correct your screen time behavior.

Promly supports connecting GenZ to one another based on common interests and hobbies, and getting people out into the real world. Take a look at the current documentary trailer to learn more, and then, put your phone down! Grab a friend or family member to go for a walk, join a club, pick up a book, cook a delicious meal or dance it out! Check out the Promly app for more ideas of challenges to complete that keep you busy! While it may be scary to see the estimated time you will spend on your phone throughout the rest of your life, remember that ultimately, you have control and you can change that number.

Learn more here: www.yourattentionplz.com

Jane Doe