UPCOMING: The Promly App

Abby DeBoer


August 13, 2020

Welcome to Promly!

We are a social networking platform built specifically for teens, combining the interactive and high-tech benefits of social media today while simultaneously focusing on mental health support and tools.

Did you know…

More than 5,000 teenagers in the United States attempt to commit suicide every day. More than 50% of those attempts are labeled as “impulsive”- fueled by social disconnect and rejection.  We aim to change that.  

70% of teenagers who want help are unable to get it- due to the lack of access and availability  of mental health professionals and tools. We aim to change that too!

With Promly, you can:

  • Create genuine connections with other teens who share similar interests
  • Link your current socials to one singular app
  • Fill out your 20 BY 20: a compact list and visual collage of anything you would like to achieve by age 20.  Users can scroll through other users 20 BY 20 collages for inspiration and connection. (Check out our 20 By 20 article on the Promly Garden)
  • Schedule chats or meetings with trained confidants 24/7 with one-click access to additional immediate mental health support tools.
  • Buy and sell products, clothes, creations, from GenZ entrepreneurs with our exclusive shop.
  • In app access to the Promly Garden: View hundreds of articles in a range of topics, publish your own work,  view and support other GenZ writers and entrepreneurs.

Get involved:

Be an ambassador for Promly! Spread the word. Save lives. Change outcomes.

Follow us on Instagram @promlyapp

Email us at heypromly@gmail.com

The views, opinions, and stories expressed in Promly Garden articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policy of Promlyapp.com. We aim to give Gen Z a voice and welcome articles and opinions from Gen Z contributors who want their voice to be heard. Please send any articles, poetry, or artwork you’d like to see published on the Promly Garden to heypromly@promly.org.

With immense gratitude, the Promly Team.

Abby DeBoer

Abby is a fourth year student at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. She is completing a English/Psychology Medial with a Certificate in Law, and she joined Promly this past March. She enjoys reading and hanging out with friends, and she is on an inner-tube water polo team at school.