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Jennifer Libby


November 27, 2020

Here’s some great news: After many COVID delays from IRS processing, we are so excited to announce that Promly Support, Inc. just received 501c3 tax-exempt status! We are now able to receive tax-deductible donations just in time for Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020!  

Please consider helping us get ten steps ahead of teen suicide by donating any amount that feels right for you to:

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Every day, in the US alone, 5,400 middle- and high-schoolers attempt suicide. The trajectory is going up rapidly, with a larger percentage becoming impulsive. Now, 70% of teen suicides are considered impulsive and 25-40% of those are planned only 5-10 minutes before the act. The theory is that this is largely due to the changing dopamine levels in the teenage brain from constant stimulation. Consequently, teens are seeking immediate relief from their pain and not thinking through the lasting and devastating impact suicide has on everyone around them. Therefore, any support, wellness, or learning resources have to be immediate, seamless, and strategic if they are going to reach this generation.

At Promly, we have strategically built a fun and engaging app for teens while simultaneously integrating wellness and support resources. Please join us in making Promly and Promly Support, Inc. a powerful tool in fighting teenage loneliness and disconnect. Together, we will change outcomes and save lives.

Through Promly Support, Inc. (our 501c3 non-profit), we:

  • Provide 24/7 free, built-in access to crisis and non-crisis support resources through the Promly App (expected to be released early 2021).
  • Supply teens with virtual volunteer and internship opportunities throughout the year.
  • Host The Promly Garden – a publication where we amplify the GenZ Voice, provide support resources, include scholarship contests for article contributors, and validate a generation of people we believe will change the world.
  • Educate parents and communities about mental health.
  • Partner with and give more access to other nonprofits aimed at helping teens.
  • Advocate for suicide prevention through the removal of suicide how-to videos such as “How to Tie a Noose” from YouTube.  We have joined with members of the US Congress to confront Google and YouTube lobbyists who have refused to remove the “how to videos to date. Promly has been asked to speak directly to members the US Congress on this issue in December 2020.

Should you or someone you know want to get involved in any capacity – please join us in our mission to Change Outcomes and Save Lives. Reach out to: heypromly@promly.org

The views, opinions, and stories expressed in Promly Garden articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policy of Promlyapp.com. We aim to give Gen Z a voice and welcome articles and opinions from Gen Z contributors who want their voice to be heard. Please send any articles, poetry, or artwork you’d like to see published on the Promly Garden to heypromly@promly.org.

With immense gratitude, the Promly Team.

Jennifer Libby

Jennifer has been a therapist for teens and young adults for 20 years. She specializes in treating high risk adolescents. Jennifer has been an assistant principal and featured on podcasts. She has also served as a board member and provides consultation with numerous schools and agencies, including Center for Humane Tech (“The Social Dilemma”) on best practices for teens and tech, 2020. Jennifer speaks publicly on a variety of mental health concerns; she most recently spoke to members of Congress about the harmful effect of YouTube’s suicide “how-to” videos. Jennifer loves TikTok dances, is a huge fan of Gen Z, and feels like life would be better if every room had a disco ball.