Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic.

Jenny Qiu


August 11, 2023

On July 21st, 2023, the Barbie movie came out after widespread anticipation. Through a variety of marketing campaigns, Mattel garnered popular acclaim among women and girls. From a Barbie themed Airbnb, to Barbie themed makeup, people were left eager for the Barbie movie release. Mattel worked with their marketing team to blend our world with Barbie’s world. This particular marketing initiative would be one to observe for any future marketing endeavors.

According to Mita Mallick’s article, which will be provided at the end of this blogpost, Barbie’s ticket sales at U.S. theaters amounted to around $155 million. Overseas, they gained an additional $182 million. We will delve a bit into how they were able to reel in so many attendees.

Barbie could be considered a household name. When you think of a doll, you would likely think of Barbie first and foremost. Part of the reason why Barbie has a well-known reputation is because of their efforts to be inclusive. Their doll line features different colors, different sizes, different kinds of people. Having such diverse lines allows them to market towards more people as children become increasingly attracted towards Barbie for looking like them.

With the nostalgia of Barbie deep in the hearts of women across the globe, Barbie sets out to create their own Barbie world in our lives. You can live in an Airbnb that mirrors Barbie’s dreamhouse, wear Barbie makeup, and eat Barbie’s food. With this digital age where people share anything and everything, the Barbie collaborations went viral on social media. People sold out Barbie clothes, lined up for Barbie experiences, and tried to live the Barbie lifestyle. When the movie released, the world was colored pink. People dressed up in pink, passed by others in pink and uttered the Barbie mantra, “Hi Barbie, Hi Ken”.

Mattel had effectively transported us into Barbie’s world.


Jenny Qiu

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