How Gen Z Entrepreneurs Make The Most Out of Quarantine

Molly Culligan


July 27, 2020

In these troubling times, teens have not only been struggling with mental health, but also with general boredom. Quarantine has drastically decreased the amount of activities teens can partake in on a day to day basis. With shopping, playing sports, hanging out with friends, school and most other activities no longer an option, the way in which Gen-Z is spending their time has shifted immensely. Many teens have honed their natural talents and artistic abilities to create Instagram businesses where they sell the products they create, to their friends and beyond. With more time and energy, they are able to pursue these tie dye, keychain, or painting businesses instead of dedicating all their life to school. Teens like these show the potential bright, creative and entrepreneurial future of Gen-Z as a whole.

Anika Verma, a rising junior at Newark Academy, has used her extra time in quarantine to start a business creating tie dye apparel and selling it online. From t-shirts to sweatpants her products span every garment of clothing imaginable, while also being customizable. Anika gives her customers many options for colors and styles, ensuring everyone’s product is unique and perfect for them. Anika comments on the time commitment of her business insisting, “Even though it’s a lot of hard work, it’s very rewarding to be able to follow my creative passions while making a profit in the process. Having the ability to make people happy and give them the clothes they want, almost makes it seem like no work at all!” Tie dye designs like Anika’s have been rising in popularity due to the ability teens have to make and sell them from their homes during quarantine. This goes to show how much power Gen-Z really has in the fashion industry and how much quarantine has changed our lifestyle.

Cassidy Wong, also a rising junior at Newark Academy, has used her painting talent to customize products and sell them through Instagram. Clients can take virtually any product and Cassidy can customize it to incorporate any specific design. The possibilities are endless for fun, unique and creative made to order products. Cassidy’s passion and talent for art is apparent through her intricate and inclusive designs, a perfect for everyone. “I’m so glad quarantine has given me the time to create these products for people because I definitely would not have been able to fit it in my schedule during the school year. I love painting and I’m grateful that there are platforms like Instagram that allow me to pursue and promote my business,” explains Cassidy in regards to the benefits of quarantine.

The existence of Instagram has been an instrumental part of these successful online businesses. These profiles for their products have the potential to reach a much larger audience than if they were simply promoting to their friends and family. The world of social media has opened up the teen entrepreneurial world beyond lemonade stands and turned it into a legitimate and productive market.

Throughout this quarantine, Gen-Z has proved themselves to be an active generation empowered by their immediate access to technology. These businesses along with all of the recent activism, have allowed teens to break out of their label of “little kids” and have shown the world that they are willing to step up and commit to a brighter future.

Checkout out their Instagrams: @dare2tiedye @customssbycass

Image Credits: Anika Verma and Cassidy Wong

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Molly Culligan

Molly is a senior in high school in NJ. She plays field hockey and lacrosse and works at her town’s cupcake shop. She is happiest when she is with family, friends, her dog (or watching dog videos), and eating cupcakes!