An Open Letter to the Teenage Boy Who Just Air-Dropped Me An Unsolicited Photo at Starbucks

Katie Greer


September 22, 2021

Article by Ivana Klara from “Medium”

Check out this article for a quick laugh, but also, if you are a high school boy, no one, and I mean NO ONE, wants to see your unsolicited pictures, so just stop.

“Dear ‘Zack’s iPhone 12,’

Thank you so much for interrupting my perfect morning with your not-so subliminal message.

I was extremely busy placing my order, on the Starbucks app of a tall, cinnamon dolce latte with almond milk. Now I have to very inconveniently restart my drink order.

Thanks a lot.

By the way, I can totally feel your creepy little, beady eyes and heavy breathing on the back of my neck.

First of all, take ten steps back, and pull that damn mask over your nose.

Second, I know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that you would uncontrollably crap yourself, if I dare turn myself around and reveal this so-called “masterpiece” of yours, to your younger sister.

I happened to be in a great mood today (prior to this incident, of course) and I intend to carry on — with the most-exciting-part-of-my-day coffee run.

I also, am not in the mood to traumatize your eleven-year old sister.

If I really wanted to spice up my day, I would share this photo, with the pretty, blonde barista (who you appear to have your eyes on).

We would just laugh… and laugh… and laugh some more. Although, I am almost certain that she’s already received the same notification.

Currently, I am trying to rack my brain (for even a fraction of an idea), as to why you would do this. I have failed.

Although, yet again, I am not a teenage boy with such horrendous B.O., which is likely gonna get this location evicted.

To be clear, I am in NO WAY flattered. Many of your species seem to think woman are, but we are (in fact) NOT.

Let that message be crystal clear to you Zachary!

If I need to grab the freaking chalk off of this counter and write it across the Starbucks menu… I will.

P.S. You text your mother with that phone?

P.S.A. To any other teenage girls who may be reading this: I’d highly suggest using the drive-thru on your next Starbucks run. Zack, his private photo album, and sagging pants are patiently awaiting the perfect moment to strike their next victim.

Take it easy,

The Girl Who Just Turned Her AirDrop Off”

Unfortunately, with the world of technology now, I am sure many high school girls can relate to this. But why do boys do this? Do they think high school girls actually want to see that? No!! Of course not!! Well, if boys can’t figure that out on their own; NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR UNSOLICITED PICTURES. STOP SENDING THEM. There, so stop!

And if that happens to you in the future, maybe you should just hit them back with a question. Find who it is (as I am sure it is quite obvious…), approach them and go “Do you really think I wanted to see that picture?” Then, just walk away. They will be shocked! Or, if you can’t find them, stand around and wait for their name to be called for their drink. A guy like that is probably getting something like a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino anyway.

Check out the full article here: https://medium.com/the-haven/an-open-letter-to-the-teenage-boy-who-just-air-dropped-me-an-unsolicited-photo-at-starbucks-cc500869d8

Article credit to Ivana Klara

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Katie Greer

Katie Greer (she/her) is a recent graduate from Trinity College where she majored in Psychology and minored in Writing, Rhetoric and Media Studies. She was a member of the swim team at Trinity, and a captain her senior year. Currently, Katie is working for Promly as a Marketing and Project Coordinator! She is planning to go to graduate school next fall to get a Masters of Social Work.