10 Ideas for High School Students Who Are Bored at Home During Quarantine

Alaina Stanisci


January 12, 2022

For all of us, it feels as if the COVID-19 pandemic is never-ending. There is so much frustration, boredom, and curiosity about what to do with all of our spare time at home during quarantine and the pandemic. Below are 10 ideas to consider the next time you find yourself bored at home and eager to try something new.

1. Create a Resume. Do you have any activities or talents that you want to show off? Whether it be for college, a job application, or your own self-confidence, creating a professional resume is always a good idea. Brainstorming your assets and having them all down in one place can help sell your accomplishments and exemplify your passions.

2. Write letters. The inability to see our friends and family due to the pandemic has made it difficult to harness a sense of human connection. Writing handwritten letters is a unique way to communicate and connect with friends and family near and far.

3. Invest in stocks. If you want to do something productive with your time instead of mindlessly scrolling through TikTok or staring at the ceiling, setting up an investment account is always a good idea. You don’t have to invest a lot of money or make huge advancements with your account right away, but investing a little extra cash with user-friendly platforms such as Robinhood or Fidelity could pleasantly surprise you in the future.

4. Have a Self-Care Day. Self-care activities can boost mental health, reduce stress, and improve physical health. Doing a face mask, having a cup of tea, taking a long hot shower, or even enjoying a nap are all effective ways to relax and relieve stress.

5. Organize Something. Whether it be organizing a bookshelf, a bedroom, or a snack pantry, organizing your possessions is a good time eater when you are bored and will undoubtedly make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Organizing belongings is a great way to refresh and ultimately save time by not looking for things.

6. Start a business. Are you crafty, artistic, or have a knack for technology? Whatever it may be, take your passions to the next level. It might take some time and research, but bringing your ideas to life through a business is a perfect way to channel creativity and cure quarantine boredom.

7. Take a free online course. Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language or learn how to code? There are a lot of free online courses that you can do on your own time to explore.

8. Write in a journal. Journaling is a reliable technique to channel emotions, capture brilliant ideas, or find new inspiration.

9. Bake/Cook a new recipe. There are thousands of recipes to browse on TikTok or Pinterest that are patiently waiting for you to replicate. Plus, sharing your creations with your family could be a great act of kindness.

10. Try a New Hairstyle/ Makeup Routine/ New Outfit. Even if you’re not going anywhere, spicing up your dress routine can be a fun way to change up your typical afternoon.

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Alaina Stanisci

Laina (she/her/hers) is a senior in high school. In her spare time, you can find her on the soccer field, skiing and eating belgium waffles, or going on hikes with her dog Ella. As somebody with mental health experience, Laina wants to someday help others become the most authentic, happy, and genuine versions of themselves.