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Promly’s Multigenerational Outreach Expansion Proposal

August 24, 2022

Promly’s Multigenerational Outreach Expansion Proposal

*goal: bring the program to different communities and schools around NJ*

What is the Multigenerational Outreach Program?

  • A program bringing GenZ and seniors together
  • A fun and inspiring opportunity for teens while giving older folks a way to have their life experiences heard and valued 
  • A meaningful place to "share earned wisdom"
  • An effort to fight the mental health crisis together
  • Teens from all over the world will hear real stories and build their own resilience while adults will feel validated, listened to, and part of the mental health crisis solution
  • Our interns have been traveling to different senior living facilities in NJ and interviewing their residents and creating valuable human connections
  • The video interviews can be edited and gifted to the participants and their families
  • Inspirational clips from the interviews will be shared in the Promly "We Got You" section of the app, further amplifying the voice of those interviewed!

Promly’s Multigenerational Outreach Program Toolkit:

  1. Reach out to a senior living facility in your community to set a date and time to go in and interview residents (Email Template Example)
  2. Have residents sign legal content release forms (provided by the senior living facility)
  3. Interview residents using our 10 interview questions (10 Interview Questions) and gather content (videos, pictures, written advice, etc)
  4. Have residents fill out exit interview questions for research purposes 

(Multigenerational Outreach Program Exit Questions) (Research)

  1. Share the content with Promly via a shared google drive 
  2. Follow up with the senior living facility for feedback and to see if they’d be interested in you coming back

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