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Promly in Partnership with Panic Mechanic

November 20, 2022

Why partner with Panic Mechanic now? 

At a recent October 2022 conference with over 500 school nurses across the state of New Jersey,  nurses reported that they have seen a dramatic increase in the number of kids coming to their offices reporting panic since September of this year.  Many times, kids do not know what to do to help themselves and adults are at a loss as well. 

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 36 million people suffer from panic attacks, yet they have few tools to mitigate these events that can cause long-term impacts on a person’s psyche. Panic attacks  Medication minimally effective. Cognitive behavioral therapy doesn’t work for nearly two-thirds of panic sufferers. Finding a therapist for a teen has become a large-scale challenge, and biofeedback, which has shown promise in treating anxiety and panic, is cumbersome and impractical to use outside a laboratory or clinical setting. Promly’s newest collaboration is set to address this issue in a way that can reach all of those who are in need of help. 

Promly partnered with PanicMechanic, a mobile app developed by faculty members at the University of Vermont, and that adapts biofeedback monitoring to measure a person’s stress and ultimately help a person manage through those moments of acute anxiety. The concept for the app is grounded in decades of research showing that enabling panic sufferers to observe their body’s reaction to stress reduces panic. 

How does PanicMechanic Work? 

PanicMechanic uses the camera on a cell phone to measure the body's panic response. In addition to displaying an objective measure of the body's panic response, the app also asks, in a sequence of screens about environmental and circumstantial factors – how much alcohol or drugs a person has consumed or how much sleep the sufferer has had lately. The screens both occupy the panic sufferer but also serve another useful purpose, providing data on behaviors and triggers associated with the attack that could be used to avoid triggers in the future. The app also predicts how long the panic attack will last, based on past attacks, which helps to establish a feeling of control and to soothe the individual.   

What is your ultimate goal in partnering Promly and PanicMechanic?

“One of our goals at Promly is to make the many resources I know about as a therapist more accessible for the average teen in a way that kids will actually use them. By building in mental health support into their world, we start where they are at and give them a solution right at their fingertips”. 

While PanicMechanic was originally created to be used as a supplement to professional clinical care, reintroducing the concept of biofeedback to a new generation of health consumers in a GenZ-friendly social networking setting allows for a greater impact and potentially lifesaving resources to be deployed in an accessible, scalable way at the time kids across the country need support the most. Promly is in the process of partnering with several organizations that will deliver Promly and Panic Mechanic to hundreds of thousands of school kids across the country in a relatively short period of time. 

What is Promly’s mission, and what will it provide users in the app?

Building PanicMechanic into Promly’s GenZ ecosystem, is just one of many resources and coping tools Promly offers to fulfill their mission to proactively get 10 steps ahead of teen suicide and the teen mental health crisis in a creative, engaging way that is appealing to teens while also offering a safer environment for social connection (with built in AI to determine age requirements). Promly connects users based on shared interests, daily goal setting, and 20BY20 vision boards (20 life goals before age 20) while also building in access to multiple other useful resources (financial and early investment literacy, NFT building, resume building, internship finding, and much more).

What are Promly’s goals for the future?

Promly is available on the Apple app store now for 13-19 year old students with direct access to PanicMechanic in the Fall of 2022 and a Promly U version launching for college students (17 years and older) on the Apple App store at the same time as well. 

The Promly ecosystem aims to continue to build partnerships with other health and mental health applications like PanicMechanic so that kids will have better access to resources without the friction of downloading a stand-alone application.  Promly is a hybrid 501(c)3 nonprofit and public benefit corporation with a commitment to model responsible tech now and in the future.