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Meet the Catalyst 2023 Finalists: Promly

June 18, 2023

During her 20 years as a psychotherapist for teens and young adults, Promly founder Jennifer Libby witnessed an alarming intensification of the teen mental health crisis and a significant increase in suicide rates. She turned to wireless to reach teens where they are and created Promly, a Gen Z informed social media app to empower teens and provide them with mental health resources around the clock, free of charge.

Promly aims to unify a generation by empowering human connectedness and providing holistic support and education for Gen Z. Promly’s social platform uses Artificial Intelligence for age recognition, suicide risk and self-harm detection and biofeedback to monitor and manage panic attacks. Additionally, Promly has a built-in heartrate monitoring tool that uses biofeedback to help users monitor their panic attacks and learn coping strategies.

Promly brings teens together by encouraging them to post their “20by20” goals—twenty goals they aspire to achieve by the time they are twenty. These goals might include running a 5k, traveling to a new place, or graduating from high school. This model strives to foster a healthier social media experience based on shared interests and life goals.

Wireless technology plays a crucial role in meeting teens where they are with the resources they need. The bandwidth that 5G technology provides allows Promly to load the app with a wealth of useful resources, and its low latency provides a seamless interface for users.

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