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GEN-Z’s Reaction to the “Social Dilemma”

March 1, 2022

They Create Their Own Social Networking Ecosystem, Promly!                                                    

Gen Z team partners with tech and mental health professionals to give teens a place to make more genuine connections and find mental health support 24/7!

While everyone else is biting their nails and losing sleep after watching the Netflix documentary, “Social Dilemma,” Gen Z has proven once again they are empowered and motivated to make social change and ready to tackle some of the biggest concerns for their generation. Technology fueled addiction, disconnect, and mind control are just a few themes that were presented in the Center for Humane Technology’s “Social Dilemma,” causing a dramatic rise in questions concerning the use of notifications and the wonder of just how much Big Brother is running the show. To combat the ever increasing power and control of social media, a dynamic group of Gen Z interns from across the country teamed up with adolescent mental health and tech professionals to give their generation a better, more strategic social networking option that fuels connectedness and purpose, promotes wellness and brings teens together in meaningful ways at a time when the world seems like it is on the brink of massive social disconnect.


Promly is a hybrid social enterprise (Non-profit & B-corp) aimed at finally doing the “right thing” with technology by giving kids the chance to connect with themselves and each other through a unique digital ecosystem. Within the Promly platform, teens can utilize some similar aspects of social networking, but can now also create more genuine connections to others in a well vetted environment designed exclusively for teens in high school.  Promly helps teens find purpose and connection to others with similar goals by engaging the user through their “20BY20,” a life goal themed shared vision board.  Gen Z is a motivated, community focused, empathetic, change inspired generation that is anxious to abandon the isolation  COVID gave them if they have the right environment to thrive.    Promly is that place.  Teens can connect, find their voice, find their purpose, find activities, and find each other.  Most importantly, teens have easy one-click access to help and wellness resources when they want it.  Promly is not a mental health app; it is a responsible, engaging digital ecosystem that helps teens find themselves and “find their people” recognizing that everyone needs some support sometimes.    

Promly’s CEO and Founder, Jennifer Libby, MSW, LCSW has been treating teens in her psychotherapy practice for 20 years.  She has seen the massive increase in teen suicide (over 5,400 kids grades 7-12 attempt suicide every day in the US alone) and the failure of our mental health system to provide adequate support for a generation in crisis (70% of teens that want mental health help can’t get it due to cost and accessibility). By bringing together a Gen Z team to create a strategic and more thoughtful approach to social media and mental health, Promly starts where kids are at…addicted, disconnected and alone and gives them something better: connectedness, empowerment, purpose, wellness and support.

Promly expects a commercial launch Spring 2022. Promly has announced that their next round of funding is open for socially conscious investors and philanthropists who want to help change outcomes for Gen Z and generations to come.

Promly’s publication aimed to amplify the Gen Z voice (The Promly ChangeMakers) welcomes Gen Z writers, ambassadors, influencers, and podcasters to reach out should they want to get involved with changing outcomes and ultimately, saving lives.  Promly also partners with responsible and socially conscious startups and nonprofits who aim to target the Gen Z market.  New startups that provide something valuable for Gen Z, please reach out.  

Promly is a hybrid social enterprise (B-Corp & Nonprofit) striving to be a model of responsible tech now and in the future. Promly gives teens a positive digital ecosystem to create connections in a safe and authentic social networking space with original content and free built-in mental health support.  Together, we will change outcomes and save lives.

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If you would like more information about Promly, please visit, follow us @promlyapp or sign up to be included on our waitlist for a direct link when the app is launched.