TheBandLunch is “Plugged In!” Creating Music as an Outlet

Zach Seiger


June 18, 2021

In a recent podcast featuring the up and coming Gen Z band “TheBandLunch,” Promly CEO, Jen Libby, and senior intern, Zach Seiger, sat down for a chat on what it’s like to produce music as an all-student band, find creative inspiration, and find a way to connect with yourself through the music. TheBandLunch is made up of New Jersey natives, Taylan (Ty) Tansug, Colin Corde, Grace Neceda, and Eric Lawson all from Hunterdon County.  Ty , Colin, Grace, and Eric play instruments such as drums, bass, and rhythm guitar, as well as Ty on vocals.  The band originally formed out of the realization that all of them had a shared interest in music, but is now also a place they can come together, away from all the other stressors of student life. This is especially meaningful for lead singer, Ty Tansug, who notes that he spends many stress free hours with the band, or with his guitar dreaming up lyrics for their recently released album, “The Attic.” Time spent on her lifelong passion of smashing out beats on her drums is also a fantastic way for Grace, their female drummer, to avoid homework-related burnout.  Grace acknowledges she’s used drumming as a huge release in her life starting around age 10.

One thing that all of the band members have in common is a feeling of connectedness and peace that working on songs together adds to their otherwise hectic schedules. Since the band formed in early 2019, the members have used music as a way to cope, both with the pandemic and with life in general, especially during a time when it has been difficult to engage in passions with the usual vigor. Look for TheBandLunch in local venues and stay tuned, TheBandLunch looks to create a flash mob type music experience in the woods.  GPS coordinates for all attendees!  Follow @TheBandLunch on all social media for upcoming events.  

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Zach Seiger

Neuroscience major at the college of New Jersey, Zach loves a long run, a good book, and some spicy thai food.