The Gender Spectrum Today Compared to Yesterday

Ginnie Paris


May 26, 2021

The Gender Spectrum is the range from male to female to other. I constantly hear people asking where all of the trans people had been hiding this whole time? Why come out now?

Well first of all, it comes down to safety. Sometimes it’s simply not safe to come out because of the risks of being hurt. When personal safety is concerned or when it comes to preference, nobody needs to come out.

Years ago, we didn’t have words for non-binary or gender fluid individuals. We didn’t know that any of these identities could even exist, which made it kind of tricky if you found yourself to be one of these. People did not come out until today because they were unsure of what they defined themselves as. We didn’t have words to describe those who identified outside of the gender binaries, so this left people without a word for their identity. Now that we have those terms, people can explore their own identity further.

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Ginnie Paris

Ginnie Paris (she/her) is an advocate for climate change and LGBTQ+ rights. She enjoys eating the rich and writing these articles!