The Eras Tour

Sara Woods


June 16, 2023

To put The Eras Tour into words, is the most surreal out of body experience one could have. After waiting for months to see Taylor Swift live, the day finally came. The parking lot was filled with familiar faces, and a community who was accepting of all. Everyone was so kind and friendly, there was bracelet trading, people giving out water and food, and a different Taylor song being played in every direction. Not to mention the fashion show that came about from each person dressed in a different era.

After listening to the two amazing openers, Gracious Abrams and Phoebe Bridgers, my hands were shaking, my cheeks stained from all the tears, and my heart beating out my chest as the countdown for Taylor was displayed on stage. The crowd at MetLife night 2 was screaming as the buzzer went off and Taylor came on. For the next 3.5 hours I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage as Taylor gave a performance of a lifetime.

Each era had its own vibe but even during the sad quiet songs like illicit affairs, the crowd held onto each and every word Taylor sang as we all sang with her. Not only did she wear the most beautiful unique outfits, Taylor’s transitions were quick as she went from era to era. Throughout the concert Taylor was able to match the crowds enthralled energy as she interacted with us and created a safe space within the stadium. Hearing every single person scream during the Chorus of All Too Well was an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.

As the concert came to an end, everyone remained on their feet singing even as it neared 11 pm. During the finale Taylor brought out the much anticipated guest, Ice Spice to sing Karma with her. Everyone sang the song as confetti came down and Taylor took her last steps on stage before the concert ended. Not only was seeing Taylor a dream come true, my heart was so happy as her performance exceeded everyone’s expectations. The Eras tour was extremely ambitious but executed in a way that no one was prepared for.

Taylor was able to capture all 217,000 plus people’s attention and lead them on an emotional rollercoaster as everyone was able to relate to at least one of her songs. Taylor Swift is so talented and I am so lucky to have been able to witness her mind blowing performance first hand.

Sara Woods