New Musician John Paciga Wows Us with his Piano-Centric Pop Rock Broadway Vibes

Katie Greer


September 24, 2021

Promly Intern Zach Crillo and Promly founder Jen Libby talk with 21 year old singer, songwriter and actor, John Paciga, about his journey through life with music and his songs. His talents show and can be found anywhere on social media as he entertains with a fun, energetic vibe. John thrills with his tunes and melts hearts so certainly make time to listen and feel the love!

Here is a short excerpt John wrote about himself;

“During my second semester at Yale, I took a musical theater composition class  with some of the most talented writers and musicians I’ve ever met. To be completely  honest, I felt way out of my league. I was one of two freshmen, and most everyone else  was a junior or senior who had written (or was writing) a full musical. I had always  dreamed of writing a show of my own, and I almost started one at the end of my first  year. But the feedback I often received in the composition class was that my songs fit  more clearly into a pop idiom than a musical theater one. In fact, I recorded and  released three of the songs I workshopped in that class on my third album, self described as “piano pop/rock.” So, I came away from the class with the conviction that  musical theater writing was simply not for me.”

The full article will be released on Wednesday, September 29th, so stay tuned for that!

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Katie Greer

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