Gen Z, Internships, and Equal Opportunity

Michael Kodsi


March 8, 2021

Find High School Internships with SipsNow.com

Hi everyone! I’m Michael Kodsi, a high school senior and founder of SipsNow.com. At SipsNow, our mission is to make high school internships accessible to all, regardless of background or personal connections.

This cause was relevant to me throughout high school. Junior year, I started to search for internships online… only to realize that almost all opportunities were intended for college students. Be it due to lack of high school internships online or ease of access, most of my friends found internship opportunities through personal connections. To bring equity to the high school internship search process, I knew something needed to change. And so, the thought of a new medium to find high school internships was born — SipsNow.com(Student Internship Possibilities Now).

After months of developing, we have transformed from an empty site to a one-stop-shop for high school internships. We have remote opportunities on the site from companies in California to Alabama. Internships from tech companies to Etagz.net who produces QR-coded medical tags. And most importantly, we hope that linking together
students and companies will make internships accessible to all!

Feel free to check out remote internships at SipsNow.com or follow our Instagram

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Michael Kodsi

Michael is a first-year at the University of Virginia studying Economics.