Five Lessons I Learned From Season Two of Too Hot to Handle

Kate LaScola


July 13, 2021

Do you remember the beginning of quarantine? America’s Gen Z was obsessed with Tik Tok, Netflix specials, and tie dying everything in sight. Trends came and went, but one stayed relevant now, a year later.

Last year when we were all quarantining at home Netflix came swooping in with multiple shows to help ease our boredom. One show in particular, Too Hot to Handle, has made an impact and continues to do so. We all became obsessed with Francesca and Harry’s on-and-off again relationship, admired Chloe as she grew to practice self love, and every other moment. Gen Z became hooked and it wasn’t a shock when Netflix announced that there would be a season two. I totally binge watched it last week and learned a few things from it.

SPOILER ALERT– There are definitely some details about the show below so beware if you haven’t watched it yet!

  1. Everyone has insecurities they deal with. Carly was brave and shared that she dealt with her own insecurities. She showed courage as she shared with the world how she truly felt and it left an impact on me. There wasn’t shame in acknowledging her insecurities, instead she admitted them and continued to work on developing confidence. Every person has a struggle and it can be easy to view others as having a perfect life when that’s not the case. Having insecurities doesn’t make you less of a person, it just provides insight on what you can work on to be the best version of yourself. Everyone deserves confidence and with compassion we can support one another on our ongoing journey of self love.
  2. The past can stick with you if you haven’t healed. Marvin shared about his early home life and how it was affected when his dad left his family. He acknowledged the guilt he felt for not being able to help his mom and shared how it affects him daily. He participated in the workshops and was able to start the healing process to change. The past can be hard to get over, but it’s possible and a process that is worth the energy.
  3. Your voice matters. When Carly fought with Chase she wouldn’t be completely open about how she felt. This negatively impacted her relationships and her own self esteem. It was empowering to watch her learn in a workshop what sharing her voice can do for her. Not only did she share her feelings, but she was also listened to and was able to listen to others. Her voice mattered and learning that she was able to make it as a finalist on the show. Her growth was inspiring to watch.
  4. Learning about who you are is an ongoing process. We are always changing and adapting which can make it hard to be our true selves. Cam admitted he showed traits that didn’t define who he was. He acted in a way to protect himself and never let his true self show. He was able to learn and tackle the issues he faced about letting someone in and it allowed him to be who he wanted to be. He shared the traits he shows and then the ones he hides admitting he wants to continue to let go of the negative actions he often takes. It wasn’t a complete one and done situation, but was continued after the show ended as well.
  5. Changing yourself for the better is possible. Every member of the cast admitted, some reluctantly, that they had issues with who they were. Through workshops, practice, and support they were able to grow as a group. The final contestants showed tremendous strength as they all had changed in some way. It is hard to admit a fault, but they did it and ended up being better people for it.

The drama of Too Hot to Handle can be fun to watch, but there are also important lessons that can be learned. We are able to watch people, just like us, go through a process of self love and growth. I am hoping and praying for another season so that I can continue to learn from others by watching their journey.

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With immense gratitude, the Promly Team.

Kate LaScola

Kate is a senior at James Madison University where she is majoring in writing, rhetoric and technical communication and minoring in entrepreneurship. When she’s not doing homework or writing for her blog she can usually be found at Starbucks.