“Feminine Products” Are Too F*cking Expensive!

Ginnie Paris


May 5, 2021

Let’s do the math. Say you go through two boxes of tampons a month, with boxes ranging from three to 25 dollars. With 12 months in a year, that already puts you at anywhere from 72 to 600 dollars a year for a general necessity that all women need to function when they are on their period. You have a period from around the age of 13, all the way up until you are in your 50s and encounter menopause. That is about 38 years! So by the time your period is finished, you will have spent 2,736 to 22,800 dollars on tampons alone. This math doesn’t even factor in the pads, birth control pills, new underwear, midol, and anything else a woman might need during that time of month. (Like ummm excessive amounts of chocolate!)  Now that we have calculated some facts, let’s talk about why this is so screwed up. Women need these to function in their lives! If women did not use these things, you would find a whole bunch of The Shining blood elevator situations popping up all around the world. If everybody is cool with that let us know and we will adjust accordingly! I assume that it seems best that women get these puppies for much cheaper because we need it. If Josephine Cochran was unable to leave her house because of her period, we might not have the efficiency and privilege of using a dishwasher. We need women out there changing the world, people!! Stop making tampons so expensive!

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Ginnie Paris

Ginnie Paris (she/her) is an advocate for climate change and LGBTQ+ rights. She enjoys eating the rich and writing these articles!