Eye Matter: A New GenZ Brand Fighting Suicide One Hat at a Time

Katie Greer


September 9, 2021

Promly founder and CEO Jen Libby and senior intern Katie Greer sat down with Scarlett Campbell, Promly intern and co-founder of the up and coming brand “Eye Matter.” Scarlett Campbell and her friend and co-founder, Shelby Rich, are both in high school, and they have been researching and creating a brand on Instagram to raise money and spread awareness for suicide prevention. In a world where there is such a large stigma surrounding mental health, awareness is essential. One in four people in the world suffer from a mental illness resulting in suicidal thoughts. You are more than an illness and your mental health will never define your worth. It is important that people have conversations surrounding mental illnesses, as you truly never know what someone is going through. They want people to spread kindness, and they want people to check in on both their happy friends and their sad friends. Scarlett shared some of her personal stories with us, and how she is able to manage being a Promly intern, a high school student, a volunteer and a co-founder of a brand at such a young age.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention helps to prevent and decrease the devastating numbers of people that we lose everyday to suicide. Eye Matter will be donating 15% of the money made from each hat to the AFSP. DM @eye.matter_ on Instagram if you would like to purchase a hat for $25! If you are not able to buy a hat right now, they just hope that their brand encourages people to keep up the conversation about mental health and suicide.

Here is a direct link to Eye Matter’s Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/eye.matter_/

We are always interested in hearing from other GenZ people who have created their own brand. Please email info@promly.org if you would like more information.

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Katie Greer

Katie Greer (she/her) is a recent graduate from Trinity College where she majored in Psychology and minored in Writing, Rhetoric and Media Studies. She was a member of the swim team at Trinity, and a captain her senior year. Currently, Katie is working for Promly as a Marketing and Project Coordinator! She is planning to go to graduate school next fall to get a Masters of Social Work.