“Allow Yourself to be Good Enough” — A Podcast with Victoria Garrick

Julia Szynal


February 10, 2021

In this podcast episode, Promly hosts Victoria Garrick, a University of Southern California (USC) graduate and former DI women’s volleyball star. In her 2017 Ted Talk, The Hidden Opponent, Victoria started to share her mental health story and now has a platform that advocates for mental health awareness in the athletic world. Additionally, she is an advocate for healthy lifestyle choices, such as intuitive eating, and uses her social medias to promote the most authentic version of herself encouraging others as well to be real, patient, and accepting of themselves.

Joining Victoria today is Co-Editor of the Promly Garden Julia Szynal, Promly Co-Founders Jen Libby, Kim Culligan, and Burak Tansug, and senior intern Julia Vallario. During the episode, we dive into all aspects of Victoria’s life, from athletics to disordered eating to depression to her advocacy organization The Hidden Opponent.

See how Victoria Garrick approaches her life and how she uses her platform for good.

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Julia Szynal

Julia is a junior at Boston College, majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development with a concentration in Special Education and two minors: Restorative and Transformational Justice and Cybersecurity. She is from Summit, NJ, and in her free time, loves to watch movies, go to SoulCycle, and play lacrosse.