A Gen Z Discussion on Anxiety and Eating Disorders

Julia Szynal


January 25, 2021

In this podcast episode, Promly founder Jen Libby begins a conversation with Julia Szynal and Christina Giambattista about Gen Z and the prevalence of eating disorders, anxiety and disordered eating. They offer ideas and interpretations on the causes and effects of these mental health issues and how social media is connected to them. Julia is a sophomore at Boston College studying Applied Psychology and Human Development and Christina is a junior at Boston University studying Neurobiology and Psychology. Boston rivals come together to discuss these disorders that have become typified for Gen Z and use their psychology backgrounds to add unique insight. Additionally, they provide qualitative framing in the form of their own personal stories and struggles to help our listeners understand this grave problem that Gen Z faces on a daily basis.  

See how Gen Z members evaluate the rising struggles of anxiety and eating disorders and how social media plays a pivotal role.  

Image Credit: https://exposure.org.uk/2018/03/exposure-asks-how-the-world-looks-to-generation-z

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Julia Szynal

Julia is a junior at Boston College, majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development with a concentration in Special Education and two minors: Restorative and Transformational Justice and Cybersecurity. She is from Summit, NJ, and in her free time, loves to watch movies, go to SoulCycle, and play lacrosse.