A Conversation with Carly Compton: Influencer, Body Acceptance Coach, Founder of Paradise Fitness with Carly

Julia Szynal


May 15, 2021

Christina Kodsi, Promly Intern, and Promly Founder, Jen Libby hear from Carly Compton in an inspirational convo. Carly is a model, Instagram influencer, body acceptance expert, coach, and founder of Paradise Fitness With Carly. She shares openly about her own struggle to find self acceptance amidst a battle with her eating disorder and a world that often pairs beauty with a certain size.  

Carly inspires and coaches others to build their own body acceptance journey at any stage. She sees beauty in everyone, views the body as an immense force of confidence & strength, and hopes to empower others to start their journey towards self love.

Carly is funny, unapologetic, and truly a force of positivity for everyone. Tune in Beautiful, it’s your turn to shine.

Check out Carly’s Instagram below and website as she offers coaching workshops regularly.


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Julia Szynal

Julia is a junior at Boston College, majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development with a concentration in Special Education and two minors: Restorative and Transformational Justice and Cybersecurity. She is from Summit, NJ, and in her free time, loves to watch movies, go to SoulCycle, and play lacrosse.