10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Kate LaScola


June 24, 2021

Your self esteem matters and finding the time to improve it can be hard! Between work, school, sleep, and a social life it can seem as if there is no time, but it’s crucial to make time for it. When you feel good about yourself, you do better with other tasks. As a female I definitely like to look put together, but when I feel chaotic it makes my appearance chaotic.

The last few weeks I was running low on energy and confidence. I was overworking myself and needed a break. Embracing my femininity brings out the confidence I desperately needed. I decided to really set a schedule for the beginning of my week and give myself a couple hours each day to work on myself. Here are some things you can do to get your confidence back up so you can be the best version of yourself.

  1. Practice basic hygiene. Sometimes all you need is a good shower to feel better. Put your favorite lotion on, a face mask, and fix up your hair. It doesn’t have to be anything special, just enough to feel put together.
  2. Get your nails done. A good manicure works wonders for me, but it can be hard to find extra money to get them done. A simple at home manicure works too! The dollar store has everything you’ll need.
  3. Repeat affirmations. Take time to write out simple affirmations and tape them somewhere you’ll see them everyday. I put mine on my mirror!
  4. Enjoy your hobbies. Whether you read, draw, write, or anything else it’s super fun to do activities just for you! It can also break up a long day in between homework.
  5. Treat yourself! Nothing makes me feel better than a new outfit. Whether I’m thrifting or ordering stuff online it’s fun to put together a new look.
  6. Have a photo shoot! All you need is a self timer and voila! You are ready to go and take cute pictures anywhere. Locations can be fun to find and who doesn’t love a good insta worthy pic?
  7. Do something for someone else. Whether you send a cute text to a friend or leave a note for your roommate it’ll feel good to know you made someone smile. You have the power to spread happiness and that is absolutely amazing!
  8. Change up your hairstyle. I recently dyed my hair with a $8 hair kit from Target and I am LOVING it. Simple and cheap. You can ask a friend to help you pick out a new color and dye it for you!
  9. Dress up! You know that outfit you love, but never wear? Everyone has one and life is too short to keep cute clothes in the closet! Wear it out anywhere, even the grocery store! It’ll fill your heart up with joy and bring back the confidence you’ve been needing.
  10. Have a spa day. Invite some friends over and have them bring their favorite self care items. Do your hair up, exfoliate, paint your nails, and enjoy some snacks. A little pick me up and some socializing can go a long way.

It is time to take care of yourself! Everyone needs a confidence boost once in a while. Feeling low is 100% normal and with a chaotic world around us we NEED to make time for ourselves. Little things can help in big ways. There’s no shame in needing a little R&R time! You are doing amazing things and deserve a chance to rest and refuel yourself.

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Kate LaScola

Kate is a senior at James Madison University where she is majoring in writing, rhetoric and technical communication and minoring in entrepreneurship. When she’s not doing homework or writing for her blog she can usually be found at Starbucks.