Our Initiatives

  • To empower a team of Gen Z advisors to lead the way, to make their voices heard through our publication and podcast and offer paid internships for high school and college students.

  • To build in the best in class safety, AI, and security into the Promly App so that it can truly be a safer and more responsible social networking platform just for teens to connect & engage through 20BY20 vision boards, with built in mental health support and the ability to predict self harming behaviors.

  • To host community and teen centered music events to connect in the real world through shared experiences that inspire and unite GenZ.

  • To advocate for the mental health and safety of GenZ by supporting policy and research.

  • To educate communities and stakeholders on mental health issues most pressing for teens, through speaking engagements, community outreach and webinars.

  • To work together to amplify the awareness and reach of partner mental health resources for teens.

Now Accepting HS Students to join Promly

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